Fisiotek LT-5R

Shoulder passive mobilization. Can be used with: Arm support for internal-external rotation movement, Batteries and battery-charger kit, Base light

Input 12V DC 50/60Hz – 4.8W
Electric safety Class II B Standard EN 60601-1
Electromagnetic compatibility Group 1 Class B Standard EN 60601-1-2
Weight 20 Kg
Origin Italy
Shipping time 2-3 weeks
Classification according to Dir. EEC 93/42 Class IIa

Fisiotek LT-5R is an appliance that allows the shoulder to undergo passive mobilization with different movements; It can be used with the patient seated or supine.

This model is characterised by its simplicity, ease of handling and quality of movement. Positioning of the patient is an easy and smooth operation.

Movements carried out for the shoulder:

  • Elevation during flexion, range: 0°÷ 180°
  • Internal-external rotation, range: 90° ÷ 0° ÷ 90°

The instrument is compliant with the applicable Basic Requirements for safety, Health and protection established by EU Directive 93/42.

External power supply: Input: 100 ÷ 240 V AC – 50 ÷ 60 Hz400mA

Output: 12V DC – 1.25A

Speed: min. 2°/sec. – max. 4°/sec.

Range of movement: adjustment by electromechanical limit switch.

When should it be used?

Whenever joint movement needs to be restored passively in both surgical and non-surgical pathologies.

Why choose it?

  • It can be used with patient sitting or supine
  • It is simple, manageable and easy to transport
  • It allows the patient to be easily positioned
  • It is stable and accurate
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