Non-invasive blood glucometer

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Non-invasive blood glucometer manufactured by Dongguan City Yushuo Taihe Health Technology Co. Ltd. for Dicural LTD. The principle of a non-invasive blood glucose monitor is based on international life science technology research, the use of composite high-precision sensors and control chip technology, applied spectroscopy, impedance spectroscopy, metabolic calorimetry, PPG+ECG integration method, based on clinical data collection at home and abroad and test verification, using secondary neuron.

Origin china
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1. Non-invasive testing: no blood sticking, no pain, no infection, no fear, increase the frequency of blood glucose testing, can achieve continuous monitoring, and helps strengthen peoples' daily health supervision and management.

2. Easy to use: two-finger tip collection method, each test only takes 1 minute, directly presents the test results, quickly screens, and allows for viewing of  historical records at any time.

3. One machine with multiple functions: repeat testing without consumables, one instrument can be used by the whole family. It can also provide many physiological detection trend parameters such as blood sugar, pulse, blood oxygen, and ECG, which has a very high cost performance.

4. Self-calibration: With self-learning function, it only needs to be combined with the minimally invasive blood glucose meter test. It can be automatically calibrated by artificial intelligence, adapt to the use of patients in different states, make the test results more accurate from person to person, and provide continuous blood glucose detection change.

5. Cloud connection: product upgrades, network storage and information query, combined with patients' daily diet, exercise and medication information, provide a full range of blood glucose management and health services for patients with diabetes. Features non-invasive measurements, Easy to use, affordable, machine learning and auto correct, and cloud synchronization.

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