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 Smart blood glucose monitor for people with diabetes.



The Smart Glucometer is a non-invasive blood glucose monitor that allows people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to monitor and therefore control their glucose levels without intrusive blood sticking. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and compatible with cloud systems, enabling you to keep track of glucose levels throughout the day if necessary. Contact us to find out more about this upcoming product, or join our mailing list to be amongst the first to hear of its release!

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Dicural smart glucose monitor device.

The main features of our Smart Glucometer

  • Non-invasive: Our Smart Glucometer does not need any blood, and can operate in the same way as a pulse oximeter, attached to the fingers to measure glucose levels without intrusion or discomfort. This makes testing much less arduous and less dreaded.
  • Easy to use: You only need to press two fingertips from each hand into the device to achieve an accurate reading, and the test itself takes just one minute. You can view the test results on the screen almost straight away.
  • Can test multiple people on one machine: You can repeat test yourself, or anyone else in the household, without danger of contamination. The device can record data for multiple users, and use this data to show trends and aid detection of medical anomalies.
  • Self-calibration: The device can be calibrated automatically through artificial intelligence, without the need for blood testing, by taking a few initial tests during the day at set times before and after meals.
  • Cloud connection: The Smart Glucometer can be upgraded with network storage and other data calculation software and combined with information on food intake, exercise, and medication information to provide a full overview of blood glucose management for yourself and health professionals.



Person using Dicural smart blood glucose monitor





Our Smart Glucometer is very easy to use. You just open it like a miniature laptop, and lay two finger pads from each hand on the sensors for just one minute. These will detect your blood glucose levels without the need for spiking, and the results will display on the screen, along with oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and ECG. You can also access previous test results, so you can see patterns and trends in your blood glucose levels. After the tests, it can recommend diet adjustments and fitness plans, to enable you to manage diabetes even more effectively.



Who is it useful for?


Blood sugar testing can be a useful indicator or reassurance to families of diabetic patients, and the ability to detect blood glucose instability early can be very helpful in diagnosis and treatment.

Hospitals and clinics

This is a great test for blood-phobic patients, or people who dislike the blood-sticking process. The testing kit can be cleaned and used repeatedly as required.



Customers wanting a quick diabetes test can have one without pain or discomfort, and there is no clinical waste associated with the process.

Home care services

If your home care serves diabetic clients, this test can be a great aid to helping them keep track of their glucose levels.



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Warranty info

We offer a one-year standard warranty (parts and labour) on our products. Our online and catalogue products have longer warranties in many cases. We have highly trained maintenance engineers who have expertise in all our products. We offer nationwide service and warranty coverage.

Repairs for large items are typically conducted at your premises, while smaller items are repaired in our workshop. Our goal is to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently and get you back up and running as soon as possible.





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