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A new breakthrough in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

At Dicural, we retail high quality medical equipment, including non-invasive glucose monitor and physiotherapy equipment. We are the official UK distributor of Rimec’s electromedical rehabilitation equipment, enabling people recovering from injury to regain their previous strength and range of movement through passive mobilisation. If you are looking for physiotherapy aids, or the very latest in blood glucose monitoring equipment, contact us directly, or view our store.

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Passive Mobilisation

Dicural are the official UK distributors for Rimec S.R.L. of Italy: manufacturers of passive mobilisation equipment for upper & lower limbs. The equipment can be used in physiotherapy rooms or in the patient’s own home, enabling them to continue their rehabilitation regularly, without travel.

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Accessory cart
Accessory for limbs shorter than 72 cm
Adjustable rods for arm support
Arm support for internal-external rotation movement
Batteries and battery-charger kit
Knee and hip passive mobilization. Can be used with: Remote-controlled START&STOP, Hand-held programmable keypad and Trolley for internal use
Hip and knee passive mobilization. LIGHT MODEL WITH ADDITIONAL FEATURES. Can be used with: Remote-controlled START & STOP, Hand-held programmable keyp ...
Hip and knee passive mobilization. THE MODEL THAT OPTIMIZE TIMES WITH MEMORY CARD. Can be used with: Hand-held programming keypad, Remote-controlled S ...
Knee and hip passive mobilization. A SOLID MODEL , RECOMMENDED FOR HIRE. Can be used with: Hand-held programmable keypad, Remote-controlled START & ST ...
Ankle, hip and knee passive mobilization. Can be used with: Hand-held programmable keypad, Remote-controlled START&STOP, Trolley for internal use, Mem ...
Shoulder, elbow and wrist passive mobilization. Can be used with: Memory Card, Adjustable rods for arm support, Accessory cart, Variable slant handle ...
Shoulder passive mobilization. Can be used with: Arm support for internal-external rotation movement, Batteries and battery-charger kit, Base light
Fixed arm support for elbow
Fixt wrist support
Hand-held programmable keypad
Handle for elbow pronation-supination
Memory Card
START&STOP remote control
Trolley for internal use
Variable slant handle for elbow flexo-extension
Wrist deviation support
Wrist handle



A non-invasive blood glucose health monitor

Our non-invasive glucose monitor is there to help you manage diabetes more easily. There are five aspects to it, which make it preferable to traditional methods of testing:

  • Non-invasive – The most popular aspect of this new technology is that is does not involve blood sticking, and is pain-free, without risk of infection or staining.
  • Easy to use – Each test takes just a minute to perform, needs just two fingertips, and shows the test results immediately on a screen.
  • One machine with multiple functions – You can repeat test as much as you need, and the machine can be used by multiple people without risk of cross-infection.
  • Self-calibration – Our non-invasive glucose monitor can be calibrated automatically, or it can be calibrated with other blood glucose tests for even greater accuracy.
  • Cloud connection – This allows for results to be stored online, and combined with other data to make for even more effective diabetes management.

Find out more about our non-invasive glucose monitor here.

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Dicural smart blood glucose monitor



RIMEC passive mobilisation products


Rimec is an Italian company who have specialised in producing physiotherapy machinery since 1980. Their advanced passive rehabilitation equipment is of a standard and price that is not matched anywhere else in Europe, and we are the exclusive distributor for their products in the UK. This enables patients waiting for NHS physiotherapy to get a head-start on their recovery, and regain mobility and strength in less time.

Passive mobilisation equipment for upper limb and lower limb recovery

Our products can be of great assistance in treating patients for physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation. Rimec provides a comprehensive range of passive mobilisation equipment for upper limbs, including wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and lower limbs, for the ankle, hip and knee.

Browse through their products here if you are looking for passive rehabilitation equipment for your physiotherapy treatment practice.

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Whether you are looking for a non-invasive glucose monitor or passive mobilisation devices for physiotherapy, you can find what you are looking for at the Dicural store.

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